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If you are searching the best online manga reader app, Ninekon is your choice. An easy way to read your favorite mangas in your mobile, tablet or any device. The content is updated constantly from the most popular to the underground.
Is totally free and secure.

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Huge mangas catalog. Updating the content constantly. Amazing user experience.

We are adding manga books to our catalog contantly from the best content providers. All the content with his cover, chapters, tags, stadistics to quickly find that you like. Use tags from any manga details to search new content. Also you can use the multi tags option menu from Ninekon to search more content.

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Favorites. Chapters sync. No competition. Free. Secure.

The favorites and liked mangas are saved and sync in our cloud servers to keep safety. The readed chapters too! So no worries on you leave the manga. Don't worry to renew you device or user your account in different devices. Create a free account to save your favorites, liked and readed chapters mangas. It will also help you activate user protection and password and be able to vote and comment in the Ninekon community. No competition because we are improving the user experience since 2009. It's free, without virus and secure. We don't store or use any personal information.

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This is the native app for android devices only.
For other devices use the web app.

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Try the Ninekon experience without install anything, only with latest web technologies

Compatible with all devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, tablets, laptops, etc

Only require a modern web browser like Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Safari.